Drives repeat customers. Increases frequency.

Goji makes it easy for businesses to gain customer loyalty by offering tools to reward loyalty. Goji is a collection of businesses who share customers. The collective power and variety this offers motivates customers to stay loyal.

Provides a Digital Platform: A Convenient tool

Businesses can keep customers updated on offers digitally. Goji is a quick, newsy medium to communicate with customers. Businesses can message and promote offers to select customers easily.

Gives better Customer insight.

Goji provides businesses with data on customer activities like purchase made, offer claimed, frequency of visits, etc.

Allows Customized offers for target customers.

Goji permits businesses to customize their own Offerings and Rewards to suit their business model. Businesses can independently come up with Offers/Rewards for their Loyalty customers

Marketing support

Goji also provides in-store marketing materials and dedicated Business Support which will help businesses and their employees to make optimum utilization of Goji Loyalty Program.