• Step

    Use your Tablet

    • After a customer makes a purchase, tap on your QR code reader.
  • Step

    Scan the QR code

    • Goji identifies the customer after reading the QR code.
  • Step

    Enter the Points

    • Enter the Purchase Points for the customer in your system.
  • Step

    Customers earn Points

    • Customers earn the equivalent points and get a notification.
  • Step

    Go to Offers

    • Click on Add Offer
    • Fill in the details to create an offer
  • Step

    Choose from the following types of Offers.

    • Earning Type: Allows customers to earn Goji coins through Offers.
    • Spending Type: Allows customers to spend Points/Goji coins through Offers.

    Either Points and/or Goji coins can be included for Offers.

  • Step

    Give an Offer Name

    • Give an appropriate name for the Offer.
  • Step

    Upload an Offer Picture

    • Upload an appropriate picture for the Offer
  • Step

    How customers redeem Offers

    • Customers claim the Offers
    • Customers can Claim an Offer by using their Goji App from anywhere
  • Step

    Vouchers Get Generated

    • Once a customer claims an Offer, Voucher gets generated in the Management, Merchants and Customers System.
  • Step

    Businesses need to click on Vouchers

    • Customer needs to show their Voucher QR Code to get it scanned.
  • Step

    Redemption Confirmation

    • Once the redemption is validated, a Confirmation Message appears on your screen.
    • Points or Goji coins gets transferred automatically and rewards will be given to the customers.