Earn Points and Goji Coins

Simply scan the QR code every time you make a purchase and get rewarded with Points & Goji Coins.


Register by downloading the Goji App (from Google Play and the App Store). Once you register, a personalized QR code is created. Scan this QR code each time you shop at a Goji member store.

Points and Goji Coins given by a store upon a purchase appear instantly in your Goji app. Use these Points and Goji Coins to purchase special offers from stores. A store will only accept the Points earned in their store. Coins however can be redeemed in any Goji store.

Goji stores give you a variety of offers. Depending on the amount of points and coins you've earned, you can choose and claim offers you from a set of choices available to you.

Claim Offer

Search and claim the best offers with ease anywhere and anytime.


Redeem Rewards

Present the claimed voucher at the store to collect your reward and redeem the required points and coins.


Once the redemption is validated, a Pop-up Confirmation Message screen will appear. Store will give you your Rewards or Coins.

Store will give you
your Rewards
or Goji Coins.