• Is your customer a Goji member?

    If not, he/she should sign up FREE to become a member via Goji App (Android, iOs)

  • Your customer needs to be a Goji member to be a part of your Loyalty Program.

  • Signing up is FREE and members can sign up via Goji App (Android, iOs)

  • Goji lets your customer earn Points on every purchase through your shop and can be redeemed only at your shop.

  • Goji coins can be redeemed at any shop.

  • Offers clubbed with points and coins are a powerful tool to engage customers. Unlike discounts, offers facilitate repeat visits and purchases. You can target specific customers, making it easy to woo the right ones. Offers can be varied to add variety and can be available for a limited time or quantity.

  • Customer can use those Points/Goji Coins to redeem rewards through Offers.

  • Your Business can create your own customized Offers.